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Learn exactly how UPG saves 30,000 construction industry manufacturers and suppliers millions of dollars every year.

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Sometimes, the best things in life really are free. With UPG, you won't pay a dime for your membership. Ever.

No Limitations

Your UPG membership is cost free and hassle free. That means you never have to worry about restrictive UPG contracts, purchasing minimums, or long-term obligations*.

*Although UPG never requires contracts, some participating vendors may require contracts or contract extensions for maximum discounts.

No Liability

We never share your information with anyone outside our circle of trusted vendors. So you never have to worry about ending up on unwanted call or email lists.

Big Savings

Our team of experienced legal and business experts leverage more than $5 billion in collective buying power to negotiate discounts you simply won't find anywhere else.

30,000+ Members

With the $5 billion in collective buying power our 30,000 members provide, we can negotiate better pricing on key services than any single company.

Premier Vendors

UPG exists to deliver value for our members. That includes working with the country's largest, most recognized, and most trusted vendors to provide steep discounts on the services you use most.

Quality Programs

UPG delivers millions in savings. But we also make it easy and convenient for you to take advantage of them—with quality programs, experienced people, and an absolute commitment to member satisfaction and service.

UPG members save millions every year.

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