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How will a UPG membership add value to your business? Here are just a few of the concrete benefits you can expect after you become a member:

Increase Your Leverage

When you join UPG, you instantly gain the leverage of more than 30,000 companies with 5 million employees and $5 billion in buying power. We use this leverage to negotiate national contracts with steep discounts — and then make the savings available to you with no membership fees, buying commitments, or other obligations.

Lower Your Operating Costs

When you take advantage of UPG negotiated services, you know you're getting optimal pricing based on professionally crafted national agreements. Thattttt means you no longer have to waste time or labor working on individual contracts or searching for the lowest priced services.

Improve Your Efficiency

When you eliminate the costs of researching services, negotiating pricing, and managing service contracts, you free your staff to focus on growing your business.

Boost Your Profits

Purchasing goods and services through national UPG agreements will have an immediate, tangible impact on your bottom line. In fact, we estimate that UPG members save a total of around $50 million every year.

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